Donald Trump’s Dance of 5G Defeat – Astute News

Donald Trump’s Dance of Defeat – Astute News

As the United States and China escalate the past year’s trade dispute into full-scale economic war, the decisive fact in the conflict has gone entirely unmentioned: China has already won the critical engagement in the conflict.

It did so when Washington cajoled and threatened its allies to boycott Huawei’s rollout of 5G broadband, and suffered the most humiliating rebuff in this writer’s memory.

China has triggered a global network effect that begins with the domination of ultra-fast wireless broadband and extends to e-commerce, finance, logistics and transportation – the means to commercialize the labor of billions of people in the Global South. China’s lead in 5G also gives it a head start in a vast array of industrial and consumer applications.

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China dominates in a number of areas and LEADS in those same areas as well, such as solar panels, etc. The US is falling further and further behind as it hands off the lead to Communist China, as well as millions of jobs, technology, etc.

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  1. Donald Trump has set america up for one or more major Nuclear reactor meltdowns in the next mkonths in america. Who the heck wants 5G. What a dumn article


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