Collapse of kelp forest imperils North Coast ocean ecosystem

The unprecedented collapse has been observed along hundreds of miles of coastline from San Francisco to Oregon. The region’s once-lush stands of bull kelp, a large brown alga that provides food and habitat for a host of wildlife species, have been devoured by small, voracious purple urchins. In the most-affected areas, denuded kelp stalks are almost all that remains of plant life.

“It’s no longer a kelp forest,” said Cynthia Catton, an environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, stationed in Bodega Bay.

Aerial surveys of the coastline from San Francisco to the Oregon border show that kelp forests now cover 93 percent less surface area than in past peak years such as 2008 and 1989, she said. Data from 2015 isn’t yet available.

via pressdemocrat Collapse of kelp forest imperils North Coast ocean ecosystem

First the Fukushima radiation came for the starfish, then the herring. Now it is decimating the rest of the food chain in the ocean, as the nursery where much of the life in the ocean begins, has disappeared since 2011, which is when the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster hit the ocean hard.

Sadly, biologists seem to be universally in denial, ignorant or are being paid to not mention the R word, nor test for this anywhere.