Wind, Solar, Hydro, And Nuclear Poll Results

Nuclear divisions across Australia: report | The Macleay Argus

Respondents were asked to rank a list of energy sources from most to least preferred, with solar topping the chart for the fourth year in a row.

It’s the most favoured power source regardless of age, gender, state and political persuasion.

Wind is second on the list, followed by hydro, power storage and nuclear.

About 30 per cent of Australians “not at all concerned” by climate change favoured nuclear power, compared to five per cent of those who were “very concerned” by it.

via Nuclear divisions across Australia: report | The Macleay Argus

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  1. Authoritarian Neoliberalism
    Authoritarian Nuclear Neoliberalism
    Trump The Deranged, Demented Clown Prince of Nuclear Insanity

    America is very diseased now,  Little  pretense of democracy exists.  it is diseased from  industrial poison and system collapse. People are deluding themselves if they think things can go on the way they are …
    No reactors in america have  little supervision or oversight anymore, thanks to  the overlord’s obsession  with authoritarian neoliberaliam and This insane idiots, chaotic destructive interpretation of authoritarian neoliberalism.

    The new authoritarian neoliberalism model,  is as bad  or worse than overt fascism, in our current state of ecological decline and post-Fukushima nuclear danger.  The media is controlled as are, the coerced branches of government.

    Nuclear plants in America  are  now independent feifdoms, like the ones in the Ukraine. Groups of technicians in the Ukraine were found clogging up the computers of a nuclear plant,   bitcoin manipulations and having drinking and parties with prostitutes in a uclear plant there in the past month. That is the way it is now in murika,  under trumpos neoliberal authoritarian deregulation and absolute ending of any pretense of supervision of any nuclear reactors in amerika.
    Dangerous reactors on the verge of collapse, kept open by the capricious insanity, of the deregulation frenzy, of this insane president..
    No reactors have
    real backup. 50 years old rusted, surplus  diesel generators that will not even crankup when they try to test them. Like the ones at palos verde, Besse, Waterford, Fermi  and Brunswick.  Power lines that would stave off meltdowns are now completely vulnerable to Storms. To earthquakes and outages like never before. All of used  used  fuel pools at the reactors in america cracked and over full of high level nuclear waste.

    All reactor supervision gone.  Deregulated and unsupervised like the ones in the Ukraine, Thanks to Trump.

    Each of the 97 dangerous nuclear reactors in america, is an  independent feifdom.
    Their owners are letting them fall apart . Many of  their owners are allowing , cheap underpaid contractors they use to run them, to run amock on drugs  while  playing on the outdated computer operating systems.
    Technicians irandomly dump radionuclides into the environment.

    Technicians and unsupervised corporations, bring the dangerous old megadeath radionuclide monsters to the brink of meltdown, on a daily basis. Their control systems are inadquate archaic.  The technicians running them are incompetent. Their pumps and pipes reactor vessels, and containement corrosed, cloggled , embrittled and disintegrating. All because of the insane clown monster .

    The 97 reactors are all embrittled. Many technicians are contractors who are allowed to go to work on drugs.

    Most reactors are on bodies of water making them vulnerable to the new ferocious breeds of storms , we now experience . Many are also on earthquake faults.
    All plans to reinforce the reactor,  to prevent  a fukushima multiple catastrophe , have been cancelled by This authoritarian regime and its insane neoliberal ideologocal-obsession of deregulating anything and everything to the point of unsanity, including nuclear reactors.

    All reactors on bodies of water  and or polluting aquifers. They are polluting and destroying the aurrounding areas.

    Palo verdes is contaminating the precious and severely depleted water supply, of the meager Phoenix aquifer with Cesium 137 plutonium, tritium etc.. Technicians find toilet paper clogging the cooling pipes of the palo verdes reactors by Phoenix. because the plant is run on and cooled by sewer water from Phoenix.

    The Palo verdes reactors are n the middle of a desert. The plant -coolant  water aupply is  sewer water from Phoenix. Has been and always will be because, phoenix is in a godforsaken low desert. Palo Verdea pipes are corroded. Palo Verdea backup generators have failed four times in the past 7 years.

    Technicians are caught high on drugs in nuclear reactors and nuclear submarines in america now.

    Even Hillary would not be so stupid. Hillary would not be abrogating arms treaties and explicitly bragging about building low-yeld nukes for a limited preemptive nuclear strike.
    Hillary would not be building, intermediate range nuke missiles to provoke the russians. Hillary would not be forcing the russians to build nuclear powered cruise missiles, like the one that caused a nuclear detonation recntly.

    I predicted a detonation in the world last year. It happened.

    There will be one or more nuclear melt-downs-explosions in the usa in the next 6 to 14 months because of the extreme dangers setup by this insane administration. Probably in Ohio, at fermi, palo verdes, in Florida, waterford, diablo, in Carolina, Waterford, Wisconsin, illinois or New Jersey. There will also be fuel fires.
    The nuclear catastrophes will eclipse climate change concerns .   Americans bodies are already saturated with radionuclides from massive radionucled pollution . Radionuclidea from americium in smoke detectors, military shit, reactors, 70 years of open air nuking uraniuum mining, nuclear accidents,  underground nuclear fracking 40 yeara ago, nuke weapins production, nuke waste dumps, current fracking.

    Major reactor accident severity has increased  significantly, around the world in the past 30 years in since chernobyl . Fukushima was an example of nuclear industry-captured safety monitoring of a major nuclear plant, that contributed to the worst nuclear catastrophe so far in History. Our insane politicians learned nothing. They do not care. People are more aware since fukushuma.  people have monitored nuclear releases from Norway and Russia , in europe that were probably from nuclear accidents since Fukushima.
    Nuclear accidents on a grand scale are more likely now because, of aged reactors and deregulation in places like the usa, ukraine and russia now.

    The largest nuclear wild fire, in  history recently occured at INL. no one says anything about it. The death, quiick-onset cancer epidemics  and birth defects in the Western USA  have only  just begun from that catastrophe on 90 thousand acres at INL You hear nothing about it.

    Even as bad as Hillary may have been, Hillary would not be completely deregulating, the nuclear industry

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