Herbs High In Calcium

Culinary Herbs and Their Uses

A little booklet by the Natural Food Institute, “Powerhouse Plants,” (no date; published by the NFI, Box 185 WMB, Dudley, MA 01570, U.S.A.) provides data on many food plants including herbs.

Among the top 20 calcium sources: dried parsley (1468 milligrams per 100 grams), sesame seeds (975 mg/100g), chia seeds (529 mg/100g), boiled lamb’s quarters (258 mg/100g), sesame butter (tahini) (420 mg/100g), carob flour (352 mg/100g), and sunflower seed flour (114 mg/100g). Dried parsley had more calcium than even dolomite powder, a calcium mineral supplement. Fresh parsley has 203 mg/100g.

Other herbs and vegetables from the Richters catalogue with high calcium (100-300 mg/100g) are vegetable amaranth, cooked dandelion greens, mustard spinach, balsam pear, roselle, and watercress.

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