Nxivm Former Member Sarah Edmondson: How She Recruited

In her new memoir, Scarred, Vancouver actress Sarah Edmondson tells the story of her time in the now infamous “sex slave cult” Nxivm. The group, which fronted as a personal development program, made headlines last year after the FBI arrested founder Keith Raniere and several well-known actresses, including Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk, were exposed as current or former members. Raniere was found guilty of seven charges, including sex-trafficking, in June.
It was an outcome Edmondson never would have predicted when she signed on to take some courses in the early aughts. Over her decade plus with Nxivm, she rose to star recruiter, founder of the cult’s first and only Canadian chapter in Vancouver, and ultimately, to whistleblower. Here, she tells Refinery29 how cults hide the crazy and the pitch that brought in more than 2,000 new members.

via efinery29 Nxivm Former Member Sarah Edmondson: How She Recruited