US Rejects “Resolution” in All Its War Theaters

US Rejects “Resolution” in All Its War Theaters

US direct or proxy war on Iraq raged on and off intermittently since Jimmy Carter launched the Iran/Iraq war in September 1980 — nearly four decades of horrors inflicted on long-suffering Iraqis, continuing today.

US forces occupied the country in early 2003 with no intention of leaving, Iraqi puppet rule permitting it.

The same is true for Afghanistan, permanent occupation planned. Longstanding US policy aims to install pro-Western puppet rule in Iran, wanting control of Libya maintained the same way.

Transforming swords into plowshares is off the table in parts of the world where US wars rage — peace and stability considered anathema notions, equity and justice disdained the same way.

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Never ending wars is what fascist dictator led nations do.. not democracies.