Donald of the Thousand Days

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Fifty years ago, the popular film Anne of the Thousand Years told the story of Anne Boleyn’s three years of tenure before England’s King Henry VIII had her beheaded so that he could marry another woman. Although she ruled for slightly more than 1,000 days, the title may reflect on the downward spiral of Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) during his first thousand days. A few memorable moments from those days.

Last March, DDT wanted to shoot migrants—including asylum seekers—so that they wouldn’t cross the southern border. Told that this was illegal, he wanted to shoot them in the legs to slow them down as Israelis do to Palestinians. His Department of Homeland Security told him that shooting migrants was illegal, starting his purge of over a dozen top officials from the DHS. DDT didn’t quit: he decided that he wanted to electrify his border wall, fortify it with spikes…

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One thought on “Donald of the Thousand Days

  1. Trump is not Pulling Troops out of the Middle East
    He is shifting American troops to Saudi Arabia from Syria because the Houthi’s in Yemen are beating the incompetent, brutal saudi 911 perpetrators in Yemen


    OCTOBER 2, 2019
    “MBS must shelve his vicious war in Yemen
    Detained men described by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel group as pro-government fighters captured in an August offensive near the southern Saudi region of Najran. Image grab: Ansarullah Media Center handout via AFP
    MBS must shelve his vicious war in Yemen
    More attacks on Saudi Arabia appear inevitable unless it agrees to stop war against Houthi rebels

    Never underestimate the power of blowback. Right now, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), the de facto ruler of the House of Saud, is staring at it, an ominous abyss opened by the Houthis in Yemen.

    This past weekend, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya al-Sari clinically described how Ansarallah, also known as the Houthi rebel movement, aided by what Yemenis describe as “popular committees,” captured three Saudi brigades of 2,400 – ragged – soldiers, plus Yemeni and Sudanese mercenaries as well as several hundred battle vehicles. At least 500 Saudi soldiers were killed, Ansarallah said. (A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition denied the claim).”

    Trump is also aiding the Corrupt, incompetent and hated regime of Saudi Arabia in developing Nuclear Weapons and building nuclear reactors in Sausi Arabia that can be used to make weapons grade nuclear material.

    Trump made a deal with the Turks to sell out the Kurds for personal Financial Gain in a back-door deal with the tuks and because he does not think he can peronally make money from the Kurds

    That is despicable enough. Trump should pull American Troops out of the middle east but he is shifting troops to saudi arabia because the saudis are getting beaten by the Houthis in Yemen.

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