How the Hybrid War on Bolivia Succeeded in Carrying Out Regime Change

Counter Information

Global Research, November 12, 2019

The Hybrid War on Bolivia isn’t over by a long shot, but it did in fact succeed in its most immediate aim of carrying out regime change against democratically re-elected and legitimate President Morales, so it’s important to review how this happened in the hope that other countries can better prepare themselves for responding to asymmetrical warfare campaigns such as this one if they’re ever targeted in the future.

Morales Will Make It To Mexico

The news that (“former”) President Morales will be flying to Mexico after being granted political asylum there was met with relief by his many supporters all across the world who were worried that the newly imposed pro-US coup authorities in his homeland were planning to execute him just like they did Che Guevaro a little more than half a century ago. The Bolivian leader pledged on Twitter

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