US opens new mass facility in Texas for migrant children

US opens new mass facility in Texas for migrant children

The federal government is opening a new mass facility to hold migrant children in Texas and considering detaining hundreds more youths on three military bases around the country, adding up to 3,000 new beds to the already overtaxed system.

The new emergency facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, will hold as many as 1,600 teens in a complex that once housed oil field workers on government-leased land near the border, said Mark Weber, a spokesman for Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The agency is also weighing using Army and Air Force bases in Georgia, Montana and Oklahoma to house an additional 1,400 kids in the coming weeks

via AP US opens new mass facility in Texas for migrant children

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  2. 30 Years Ago, American Nun Dianna Ortiz  From New Mexico Was Kidnapped and Tortured in Guatemala, She’s Still Waiting for Truth & Justice

    Dianna Ortiz wanted to help people.

    Diane Ortiz was forced to do something unimaginable for many nuns. “I got pregnant as a result of the multiple gang rapes,” she explained to Kennedy. “Unable to carry within me… what I could only view as a monster, I turned to someone for assistance and I destroyed that life.”

    Diana moved to Guatemala to join several other nuns serving indigenous residents of San Miguel Acatan and other small villages in Huehuetenango in the western highlands.

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    Eliot abrams catalyzed and enforced George Bushs Patriot act after 911. 

    “Every family in San Miguel had people who had been tortured, disappeared or killed ” Ortiz, told the literary magazine Agni in a 1998 interview. “No family was untouched.” Through it all, successive US administrations backed the perpetrators with arms, training, funding and diplomatic support.

    Diana Ortiz  an american catholic none was arrested , tortured and gang raped in a guatemala dungeon of horror in the late 80s by an An american CIA operative. They  had inflicted  110 cigarette burns over the length of her body before her escape.

    “They left me in a dark cell, where I listened to the cries of a man and woman being tortured. When the men returned, they accused me of being a guerrilla and began interrogating me. For every answer I gave them, they burned my back or my chest with cigarettes. Afterwards, they gang-raped me repeatedly”

    “I was lowered into a pit full of bodies — bodies of children, men and women, some decapitated, all caked with blood. A few were still alive. I could hear them moaning… A stench of decay rose from the pits. Rats swarmed over the bodies… I passed out and when I came to I was lying on the ground beside the pit, rats all over me.”

    More brutal interrogation followed. At one point, her captors held her down and began assaulting her again. One of them said, “Alejandro the CIA operative siad, come and have some fun.” Alejandro, who was tall and had fair skin, cursed in English and told the men that Ortiz was an American nun whose time had come.

    Elliot Abrams Is Very active in overthrowing governments in south america under Trump now.

    Eliott Abrams assisted John  Poindexter, to create the greatest mass surveilance state in history, under George W Bush.  The multibillion dollar NSA spy complex in Draper utah is an enduring testament and temple of hell, to remind us, of that fact. 
    The implementation of Abrams, DICK cheney, the MIcs and poindexters grand plan is when mass surveilance was put into practice in the USA.  Habeas corpus was abolished in the USA. The NSA was in every american computer and now has acess to every americans electronic device and data  with the help of telecoms like ATT and verizon.  

    Two NSA spook brothers took control of the electronic voting company Diebold, in the 1990s and are very responsible for George W Bushs stealing of the 2004 election after 911, the Patriot Act and The illegal invasion of iraq that has killed millions in Iraq. The war crimes there are unsurpassable. Nuclear war in iraq with depleted uranium that has left the City of fallujah a wasteland of genocided men woman and children and bith defects.

    Iraq War Anniversary: Birth Defects And Cancer Rates At Devastating High In Basra And Fallujah

      The main culprit of  stealing the 2004 election for George W Bush was Wally O Dell
      Wally O Dell is the  former NSA spook who was the CEO of diebold at the time of the 2004 republican coup  in america. Wally O Dell is good friends with Dick Cheney, John Poindexter and Elliot Abrams.

    Elliot Abrams currently serves under the fascist monster,  and nuclear war criminal, Donald Trump.

    Wally O Dells legacy continues
    Voter fraud

    A joint study by the California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology following the 2000 election determined that between 1.5 and 2 million votes were not counted due to confusing paper ballots or faulty equipment. The federal government’s solution to the problem was to pass the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002.

    One of the law’s stated goals was “Replacement of punch card and lever voting machines.” The new voting machines would be high-tech touch screen computers, but if there’s no paper trail, how do you know if there’s been a computer glitch? How can the results be trusted? And how do you recount to see if the actual votes match the computer’s tally?

    Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, argued that without a paper trail, electronic machines are open to massive voter fraud.

    So goes it from Bill Gates, Microsft windows interfaces with most electronic voting networks in murica . Microsoft windows evoting interface has numerous backdoor hack flaws.

    Diebold  placed some 50,000 machines in 37 states and their track record in the earlyy 2004 leading to the 2004 debacle and coup of George W Bush.

    As I write, the repuklicans are busy purging voters across the USA instituting jim crow polling laws and poll taxes in states with people of color and other malfeasances. They are removing polling stations in vulnerable states and preparing to block access to voting of poor people and people of color across the USA in the upcoming 2020 elections.

    They are also busy trying to overthrow the newly legally elected governor or Kentucky

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    Why is it that Blood atonement Polygamist Cult Mormon, Mass Murderer Serial Killers in Utah never get the Death Penalty in Utah or get it charged in a hard-core Death Penalty State while poor people and people of color always do?

    Ervil Morrell LeBaron (February 22, 1925 – August 15, 1981) was the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group who ordered the killings of many of his opponents, using the religious doctrine of blood atonement to justify the murders. He was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the murder of an opponent, and died there. He personally murdered and instigated the murder of several american citizen Men women and children in Utah, America, Mexico in his Blood atonemnet murder sprees

    Prophet Of Evil The story of Monster Morman .murderer Ervil LeBaron

    Anna LeBaron How I escaped my fathers Murder Thugs

    The Lebaron Cartels Murder Spree

    Lafferty’s case became well-known after it was featured in Jon Krakauer’s 2003 book about radical offshoots of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Krakauer also wrote “Into Thin Air” and “Into the Wild.”

    Lafferty claimed he had received a revelation from God to kill the mother and child in 1984 because of the sister-in-law’s resistance to his fundamentalist belief in polygamy. Lafferty carried out the killlngs with his brother, Dan Lafferty, who received a life sentence.

    Brenda Lafferty was beaten and strangled with a vacuum cleaner cord. She and her 15-month-old daughter, Erica, died after their throats were slashed.


    Some get off
    Kevin Blackwing

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