Article: Morales made unforced errors: Bolivia’s Foreseeable Coup | OpEdNews

Article: Morales made unforced errors: Bolivia’s Foreseeable Coup | OpEdNews

When the commander of the armed forces, backed by many generals, publically calls for the president to abdicate, that is an internal coup. Did the US orchestrate this coup? Well, it would be nothing new.

The 1823 “Monroe Doctrine” asserted that Latin America belonged in the US’s backyard. After World War II, and 9/11, Manifest Destiny extended that claim to the entire globe. Of the thousands of times that military forces have been deployed by the US, many countries have been subjected several times. Cuba was attacked 12 times since 1814; Nicaragua 12 times since 1853; Panama on 13 occasions since 1856.

The US stole half of Mexico in 1848. Between 1869 and 1897, the U.S. sent war ships to intervene in Latin America 5,980 times-one ship every two days over three decades. These landings resulted in the murders of striking local workers and insurgents opposing repressive local governments. William Blum (Anti-Empire Reports) showed us that just since WWII the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them Latin American-most recently in Honduras, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

While there is evidence that President Donald Trump and major US senators wanted Morales regime-changed, their role may have been minimal and advisory. This I will address after I introduce an overall picture of Morales and his policies, and some of the conflicts within the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS). Some of these policy errors offered the US Military Empire the “human rights” trump card it likes to employ these days when invading or regime changing annoying leaders who do not heel when ordered.

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  1. Good point in some ways. There are Journalists influenced or on that payroll. Too bad. Bob Woodward was an intelligence officer. He covered for chaney during the plame bs and, that whole thing was probably a smoke screen.
    Recently Twitter operatives have been exposed. Many of the CiA, FBI Nsa, Military Intelligence officers that continue to get published, do not deny their continued involvement .

    They use surveilance from the Patriot act and its trillion dollar totalitarian spy complex to harrass and spy on Pipeline and Antinuclear activists. Cops Use it on a local level, on law abiding citizens. The United states, is the worlds largest arms producer and seller. Fuko brags about how many arms sales he has sold on behalf of Raytheon, Martin Boeing etc.
    All of those nuke bomb and MiCS asre funded for every american’s, tax dollars.
    Grunt laborers at places like raytheon work for peanuts. No pensions . No Job security. No medical benefits.
    There are the ongoing wars. The quadrupling of useless nuclear arms and icbm production


    They reauthorize the Patriot Act because there, is the multibiollion dollar NSA monitoring centrer in Draper Utah. They reauthorize it, because old demented evil, pig millionaires like Nancy Pelosi and Mtch McConnell, have significant investments in it and the major Telecoms like ATT and Verizon that are government funded spook corporations. Att was almost bankrupt in 1998 .
    Americas Millionare congresscrooks have personal investments in theTelecom networks ATT -Verizon.

    The Patriot act mass-surveilance Networks and systems are a 100 billion dollar a year, boondogle. It is called National Socialism.

    The NSA and intelligence spooks, in mureca are into everything. Into everyones business.
    4 million in prisons in the imperialist-fascist, plutocratic,nuclear shithole state.
    Wally ODell, the Old NSA spook, who established the massive networks of flipable electronic voting machines under Bush , starting in 2000 is another intelligence creep who has been ugely instrumental of maintaining the War duopolies stranglehold.

    28,000 Dow Gorged On Nuclear Death
    -Donald fuko the clown and Nancy Pelosis -Dow Fake Lethal Nucleoape bubble

    -After the bloody coup in bolivia pulled off by the CIA . It benefitted the wall street oil and mining co interests and only them. Sam for all coups in latin america that send streams of refugees north.
    -After space x announced it will push ahead with launching 55,000 rockets, puting gigatons of the worst space junk and shit in orbit, so that 5G can fry everything that is left on earth. Someday one piece of that space junk will diisplace one of the nuclear reactors un orbit, that they have been lying about so long.

    Nuclear reactors the insane government has put into earth orbit.

    -Dow at 28,000, after fuko reboots a cold war that has caused a nuclear missile
    explosion in russia
    -To subsidize 96 shitty reactors ready to explode
    -3 trillion for a New ICBM nuclear missile systems and thousands of plutonium pits to upgrade the nuclear arsenal
    -Billions on bullshit SMRs for evil brain damaged, crackheads Bezos and Gates
    -Billions upon billions for Boeing . The company that purposely makes jets they know will crash. Refuses to cleanup santa susana.
    More trillions for all the other MIC-Nuclear, whores in radioactive shithole america . They refuse to clean up santa susana or any of the most radioactive messes in the world, in america INL, Hanford, San Onofre, Los Alamos, Odessa Andrews Buried Nuclear Garbage
    -Billions to Trillions for Holtec a foreign SHITHOLE company to store hundreds of thousands of tons the worst, dirty-bomb nuclear waste in shoddy Cesium137, cobalt60, Strontium 90, Plutonium in 20 ton thin-skinned container, parking lots across america.
    -Billions upon trillions to make Hanford, the Idaho National Atomic Laboratory, Los Alamos Worse

    Kissinger, Perry and fuko , pelosi, mcconnell have stakes in Waste management solutions and holtec

    They spend Billions upon billions to Fund Nuclear Weapons production And Development Research at Major Univeristies and so called private Universities that have fake charters against such evil.

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