The Essence of Huachuma Cactus – Openhearted Rebellion

The Essence of Huachuma Cactus – Openhearted Rebellion

Anyone who has experienced a well-made Huachuma brew would testify that the essence of their experience is Love. And it truly is. Pure, unconditional, divine love. This extraordinary but real experience is deeply healing on every level. It is simply self-evident, experiential truth. This medicine is a map for inner treasure, that very treasure that the mystics and the sages of antiquity knew about and some of whom possessed.

Living in the modern world is different, as illustrated in the film The Matrix. The modern Matrix appears wide open and promises total freedom. Yet it is a very constricted space for the soul, where spiritually mature people feel suffocated and claustrophobic. In modern society there is simply no time or space for the Spirit. I know this for a fact.

I am from there. And the fast-paced world is accelerating, driving its habitants deeper into darkness and madness. For some, it is already a reality. Suppose you are already angry, frustrated and tired of waking up early on a cold, rainy day to drive to a job that you hate, which is supervised by someone you don’t like. It is already depressing as it is…….

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