1972 Nuclear explosion in Kharkov

Nuclear explosion in Kharkov region

Then the countdown began, and at exactly 10.00 the earth shuddered, and then roared and hummed. Everything around was mixed up. Explosion. From the crater of a gas volcano to a height of more than a kilometer, a huge dirty-brown radioactive mushroom shot up and slowly sailed towards Sanzhar (Poltava region). His shadow fell to the ground, covering the sun. Eyewitnesses recall: it seemed to everyone as if the end of the world had come. What used to be upright fell. From the movement of the earth, people were thrown into the air several times.

Then – dead silence. People breathed a sigh of relief, confident that the attempt to hammer a gas well into the molten rock was a success. But after 20 seconds, everything suddenly buzzed and crackled: the crater of a gas volcano unexpectedly came to its full strength. A powerful kilometer-long gas stream mixed with rock burst upward.

The experimental animals lay as inanimate. The chickens fell to one side, and the roosters rolled upside down. Bees flew out of the hives and fell nearby. In the huts, glass blasted, chimneys and stoves collapsed, and the walls cracked. Around in full swing summer, nature shines, and the villages resembled deserted ruins

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  1. Similar to all the project gassbuggys around the usa in the early 70s. The pinhead nucleoapes played keeping up with the jones’s in murika and ruskiland. Such testing in the usa permanently contaminated major river basins in the USA in 5 states.
    The gas they tried to nuclear frack is still radioactive and unsuable as it will be for a thousand years . The colorado river is radioactive
    Places in mississippi, new mexico, nevada, Colorado. A town in north central nevada is the worst cancer cluster in the world from a gas shale nuclear detonation. They only did a few of these in russia. This one was a major fail. Nuclear tests in nevada that were too shallow, had similr consequences. They did 50 of them in Nuclear Fascist Toltalitarianland merika. We are all guineau pigs to them

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