Dirty Diesel to back up far Dirtier Nuclear Waste – New Consultation on Deisel Generator Power for Sellafield "back up".

Today the UK woke up to a new conservative government. For anti nuclear campaigners there is some small comfort in knowing that whichever of the two main parties won – our fight to Stop Nuclear was not going to be any easier. Both Labour and Conservative have bought the lie that nuclear is “low carbon” and both parties have included new nuclear in their manifestos to “fight climate change”. This is nonsense, a fairy tale spun by the nuclear industry.

So today there is a new consultation quietly asking for comments on Sellafield’s application for a standby diesel generator. This is in addition to the existing Fellside gas plant (built in 1995) and a massive new ‘replacement’ gas plant being built which will not be finished until well into 2025 or beyond

Remember that Sellafield does not produce any electricity – it is a nuclear waste site requiring mega amounts…

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