America’s Pyramid of Lies | New Eastern Outlook

America’s Pyramid of Lies | New Eastern Outlook

Sometimes looking in a mirror can be a horror.

America exists to foster war, poverty, discord and strife. All information, delivered through fake education, propagandized entertainment, phony intelligence, invented news or the innuendo and smears of social media and Google, is created by “lobbyists.”

Information is reality and creating fake information while erasing all else is the biggest industry of the digital age.

The lobbyists, in turn, employ “think tanks,” thinly veiled propaganda fronts for the cabal of military elites, intelligence agencies and financial criminals who suck the life out of the world.

Those who don’t travel outside the US are unaware of how the American nation is seen by others. America is hated, it is a laughing stock, it is reviled and for those who are forgiving, Americans are felt sorry for.

Others still, those who once admired or depended on America, most often out of ignorance and gullibility, feel a sense of grief.

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  1. There is alternative propaganda as well. Like the alternative propaganda that trump is not a globalist. The Trump thing and its monsters, have started an incredibly expensive nuclear cold war at the expense, of cleaning up the extreme nuclear messes in stupidville america. There will be a major nuclear accident soon.

    Absolutely nothing learned from fukushima.

    u look at counterintelligence morons like the radchick. wigner effect garbage. Neutron radiation only occurs in fissioning reactors. they create bizarre alternative reality narratives and this is what we have left.

    Certain nuclear catastrophe and warfare. All done under the lunatics reign. u cannot blame the other fatuous greedy politicians, before this monster for what is happening. It owns it.

    Trump and the GOP are purging millions of voters across the USA. 300,000 in georgia 200,000 in Kansas more everywhere else.

    They are also gutting social security at a time of extreme poverty and homelessness in america.

    As they cut trillions in taxes for billionaires and call for billions for nuclear weapons for a new nuclear arms buildup and nuclear weapons in space aimed at earth.
    Pure insanity and evil

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