Radiation levels in one Fukushima reactor high enough to kill a human in two minutes – Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Radiation levels in one Fukushima reactor high enough to kill a human in two minutes – Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

But the scorpion robot Sasori got stuck inside the reactor after its crawling functions failed while climbing over highly radioactive debris and had to be abandoned inside the reactor.

It recorded radiation measures in the area of 210 sieverts per hour, which are lethal enough to kill a human within two minutes.

This is not the first time a robot has become inoperable after entering the reactor.

During a previous survey, another robot designed to clean the debris for Sasori’s passage had to return halfway through when two of its cameras failed after being exposed for two hours to radiation and reaching its maximum tolerance of 1,000 sievert. Such an exposure to  can kill a human within seconds.

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  1. The radiation there, is bad. The radionuclide contamination of Japan is worse. It is very sad.

    Japan is completely contaminated, with very high level radionuclides. From the explosions, the fuel fire. It is contaminated from burning waste and topsoil, all over the country from Fukushima.
    Japan is the sickest, of sick places. It is barely survivable. Japanese, people who go to visit Japan, will not talk about their trips. They say it was ok, without going into details. It is a nightmare! Every relative and friend sick, dying, or dead.
    The projection that Japan is doing well is totally inaccurate and fabricated.

    Scientists found, at most 600  Bq/kg Cs137 at the Chernobyl Evacuation zone, 7 years after that accident.
    They are finding 10,955 Bq/kg Cs-137 in cow stools by fukushima .
    100 Bq/kg Cs-137 for a few months,i s enough to cause sterility, permanent heart damage and cancer death in a year and there is 100 times that amount. They have found 5,000 Bq/kg Cs-137 by Tokyo and Yokohama, 150 to 250km south of Fukushima. That is because three reactors blewup and melted down and a fuel tank with used hilevel radionuclide caught fire for a while. The japanese have been burning nuclear waste all over Japan as well.
    Marco Kaltofen
    Nov 26 2019
    Our lab
    found domestic cow stools with up to 10,955 Bq/kg Cs-137 & 646 Bq/kg Cs-134 (from Namie – 6/14/18), despite an air dose only 4X background as beta. These animals (and even their eventual remains) are necessarily permanent residents of the restricted zone.
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    · Nov 22
    Wild monkey’s stool emits #radiation around x3 of background air dose.
    It means devastating amt of radionuclides are contained in it.

    Appreciate him for sharing us of rare reports on how some places in east #Japan  are so contaminated w/#Fukushima Dai-ichi fallout.
    #Olympics https://twitter.com/kienaiyoru3/status/1197720026599395330

    Radionuclides are the most toxic and mutagenic substances that exist. A microscopic amount can kill thousands to millions of living things. They also catalyze toxic chemical reactions in a biosphere that is choked to death, with chemical pollutants. The death gift that keeps on giving and gives more death exponentially.
    The nucleoape countries have dumped, a half million or more tons of high and medium level radionuclides into the arctic ocean, including old nuke subs and reactors by the americans, russians french and british.
    Fukushima is probably equilavent to a thousand chernobyls because it put at least a 100 tons of the worst radionuclides into the biosphere from fuel fires and nuclear reactor  explosions. The largest fusion bombs or fission bombs each contain a few hundred pounds of plutonium or enriched uranium at most. 100 tons is 2 million pounds of the worst long acting radionulclides like plutonium, iodine 129, cesium134-137, cobalt 60, strontium 90, plutonium , uranium. The tritium outpour is ongoing. Do the math. Fukushima released the equilvalent radionuclide fallout of thousands of nuclear bombs. It is not over. It will note ever be over. The genomic damage is wiping out species because their progeny are too weak to survive. The toxins are directly killing everything. There was once a large diverse variety of birds in Japan and where I live , that were visible perennialy. Now there are mostly crows in many places in America and most of japan.

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