10 Things Trump has Done to Hurt Labor | ucomm blog

10. Appointments to the National Labor Relations Board: Trump has used the NLRB as his own personal attack dogs against unions. He nominated employer side lawyers, including a PATCO strikebreaker. Just some of the decisions they have made include deciding that McDonald’s is not a joint employer, repealing the Obama era union election rules, attempting to make Scabby illegal and consistently siding with management over the workers.

9. Making it more dangerous to go to work: To get rid of “onerous” safety regulations, Trump has gotten rid of several OSHA safety standards and reduced the number of investigations that OSHA is taking part in. The result has been an increase in workplace deaths.

8. Trump’s Twitter feuds with labor leaders:  No one is immune from Trump’s Twitter tirades. When GM announced the closures, Trump attacked the local UAW leader and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. He even blamed union dues for the closure. Trumka has been a frequent target of Trump’s, being attacked on the last two Labor Days.

7. A tax plan that encourages outsourcing: Trump’s big “accomplishment” was passing a tax reform bill that incentivized companies to send jobs overseas. According to the AFL-CIO in Trump’s first year in office 93,000 jobs were outsourced.

6. Government Lockout: Trump has done a lot to hurt federal workers and many of his decisions will come up in the next few points. One of his most damaging was the government shutdown of 2018-19. The shutdown locked federal workers for 35 days. It only ended when essential employees at the airports began refusing to come to work. The lockout was completely unnecessary as he locked out these workers over the holiday season because he didn’t get enough funding for his wall of hate at the border.

via 10 Things Trump has Done to Hurt Labor | ucomm blog

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