In Denmark, Children are Taught Empathy In School

In Denmark, Children are Taught Empathy In School

There are a lot of values and skills that most schools fail to cover, some more important than even a lot of the subjects already covered in the program. One thing that’s consistently missing from most programs, however, even though it’s a value that’s crucial for a social species such as ours, is empathy.

As with many other things such as health care, the Happiness Index, education, and more, Denmark leads the rest of the world in this aspect as well. (1) In accordance with the country’s core values of peace, compassion, and empathy, the Danish are the first to introduce “Empathy” as a school subject. The reason why the Danish have incorporated empathy into their standard national curriculum is that they’ve realized the importance of teaching children what it means to understand and share feelings.

Unlike children in the U.S. and in the rest of the world, Danish children are also taught how to come to terms with the many different emotional states they’ll encounter later in life, as well as to develop the ability to recognize and identify feelings people usually misinterpret. (2)

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