Needs Your Help Needs Your Help

We need your urgent help to protect access to free global conferencing services. Many large carriers have failed to prepare for a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order that went into effect Saturday. Over the past week, millions of calls to our service have failed due to the intentional actions of long-distance carriers, namely AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others. This is hurting millions of consumers, non-profits, government agencies and small businesses who rely on our service to conduct calls every day.

We must convince the FCC to hold Big Telecom accountable. We believe free connections are a right and we don’t think Big Telecom should pick if they want to connect a call you are trying to make. The FCC themselves said it best, “all Americans should expect that when a call is placed, that call is completed.” Please send a message to regulators and congress and let them know how much free conference calling means to you. Together, let’s show the big corporate giants they can’t take away a free service loved by more than 5 million people across 190 countries. has met all new rules to comply with the order, and it’s time for AT&T and the other carriers to do the same. The large carriers were the driving force behind this new order and the related timing and despite our compliance they are now choosing not to comply and are instead refusing to complete calls to Please let them know you won’t stand by and let them take away your right to choose free global conferencing.

Thank you again for being part of our global community, and for taking a few minutes to #savefreeconferencecall.  We believe free connections are a right, and we are committed to doing everything we can to preserve and protect that right for years to come.

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