Poverty Is the New Draft

Poverty Is the New Draft

JACQUELINE LUQMAN: So since the draft ended in 1973, militaries relied on an all voluntary service and has used strategies that target young people that include placing recruiters in schools. People don’t know where that comes from because it’s from the No Child Left Behind Act signed by President George Bush in 2002 which requires military recruiters to be granted the same access in schools that college recruiters are granted. Erica, how does this affect black and brown and indigenous and poor communities, and does it affect them differently than everybody else?

ERICA CAINES: Oh yeah. Well, as we can see, it’s a societal issue obviously. What we know is that we are, well, black and brown colonized people, are specifically targeted because they kind of corner us, squeeze us without options. I think a report just came out that said that this was the highest recruitment year specifically because they targeted student loan debt. What it is, is that the common thing that we are hearing is that black people are not necessarily patriotic. We are just out of options. So I would attribute that to what’s happening at the schools and why they’re also making it an access out of poverty the same way that colleges are used.

JACQUELINE LUQMAN: So Erica, what you’re saying is that the military is targeting young people who are out of financial and economic options. So what is going on is that it may not be a national draft, but it is what people called a few years ago, the phrase popped up a few years ago, a poverty draft. Is that pretty accurate?

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