The Republican Senate Pro Trump Obstruction Dam Has Broken

The Dam Has Broken

Recall this. A day or so ago CNN announced that Mitch McConnell did not have the votes in his majority GOP caucus to pass a motion to summarily dismiss the charges against Trump in a Senate trial. And then, scant hours later, CBS News broke the story that senior White House staff had resigned themselves to the fact that Democratic Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer had enough GOP votes to be able to force witnesses to be called in the upcoming trial of Trump. The obvious inference being from both stories that Moscow Mitch McConnell had lost control of his caucus to the point that he could no longer control the parameters of the impeachment trial.

Now, flash back to this. Over the last weekend, Maine Senator Susan Collins was quoted in an interview with her hometown newspaper as saying that she was in communication with a small number of Republican Senators to see if an agreement could be hammered out to allow witnesses to be called in the upcoming trial. I didn’t need to be there to know what the agreement was. The only agreement necessary was more than 51 votes. 52 votes would give His Lowness a target to maim, the deciding vote. More than 51 votes gives every GOP incumbent in the Senate cover, since no one of them can be pegged as the decisive vote.

The Trump dam of invincibility has broken, and Susan Collins is the stone that came spurting out of the wall of the dam. Susan Collins voluntarily outed herself in an interview in her hometown newspaper as being the Senator who was discreetly trying to hammer out a GOP Senator only agreement to allow witnesses to be called at the Trump impeachment trial. She did that knowing that it would be national news within 24 hours. And then, within days, the news breaks that Schumer has the votes from the GOP to force witnesses to be subpoenaed to testify at the Trump impeachment trial.

via daily kos The Dam Has Broken