Dental Amalgam Fillings Linked To Perinatal Death, Pregnancy Risks

Dental Amalgam Fillings Linked To Perinatal Death, Pregnancy Risks

One of the new studies by researchers in Norway involved over 72,000 pregnant women with data on the number of teeth containing dental amalgam fillings. Lars Bjorkman and his co-authors discovered a “statistically significant association between the number of teeth filled with dental amalgam and the risk of perinatal death.” Their research was published earlier this month in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One.

Another new study by researchers in Egypt investigated the pregnancy outcomes, urinary mercury levels, and blood antioxidant activities of a cohort of 64 pregnant dental staff and 60 other pregnant women. They found that pregnant dental staff “suffered higher odds of developing spontaneous abortion and pre-eclampsia and giving birth to babies smaller for gestational age.” The study appeared earlier this year in the peer-reviewed medical publication The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

“The use of dental mercury must be stopped,” says dentist Michael Rehme, DDS, IAOMT President. “No one should have toxic mercury put into their mouth where it continuously leaks, especially when brushing or chewing. These studies validate decades of research demonstrating this outdated dental material poses a substantial threat to human health.”

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