The rule of law is dead

The rule of law is dead

It is no surprise that the Department of Justice — led by Trump’s unendingly faithful servant, Attorney General William Barr — responded to Trump’s tweet by reversing itself, instead recommending that Stone serve only an “unspecified” amount of time in prison.

And it is no surprise that these events occurred in an atmosphere of Trumpian house cleaning. There were reports that Jessie Liu, a former prosecutor on the Stone case, had her nomination withdrawn for a job at the Treasury Department. The president on Tuesday also suggested that the military conduct an inquiry against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, whose only apparent crime is telling Congress the truth about what he witnessed during the Ukraine scandal. At the same time, the White House reportedly planned to withdraw its nomination of Elaine McCusker to be the Pentagon’s comptroller — because McCusker resisted the president’s efforts to delay military aid to Ukraine, the act that started the scandal. Add Tuesday’s events to those of last Friday, when Vindman and his brother were fired, along with Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the EU, and America has experienced two “Saturday Night Massacres” within a week.

The message to the federal workforce is clear: Mess with the president or his friends, and your career will suffer. Trump is like a bizarro world version of Diogenes: Instead of a ceaseless search to find the last honest man, he instead is doing everything he can to expel all traces of integrity and honesty from American governance.

Right now, he is succeeding.

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Fascism is rising and deepening. The dark abyss is directly ahead.