What’s To Come in the Electric Pickup Truck Market

What’s To Come in the Electric Pickup Truck Market

The most promising current selection for an EV pickup truck is the Bollinger B1. Although pricier among the EV models at $60,000, the truck offers multiple battery capacities (up to 100 kWh) and has a top speed of 127 MPH. However, the Bollinger has an all-electric drivetrain and some truck owners may still have a bit of range anxiety.

In that case, the Workhorse W-15 would be better suited as it is a hybrid with several motors. After 75 miles of electric driving, the 11-gallon tank of gas takes over (or can be used for large jobs where an extra push is needed). Once the Tesla pickup is finally released, however, it is most likely to blow all the other brands out of the water.

The world is still a few years away from seeing roads driven by electric-powered pickup trucks, but we’re not far. As more efficient batteries are developed and different methods of infrastructure, the costs will come down and the level of affordability will make more sense for the common consumer

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