High Radiation Levels Recorded in Moscow, Russia

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As Reported by BelSat: https://belsat.eu/en/news/excess-radiation-level-recorded-in-moscow/
Excess radiation level recorded in Moscow
2020.02.12 16:12
A sensor of the Russian state enterprise Radon, which specializes in handling radioactive waste, has recorded a 60-fold excess of the radiation background at the construction site of the South-East Chord (multi-lane expressway) in Moscow, the Russian service of Radio Liberty reports. https://www.svoboda.org/a/30428614.html

The sensor recorded 18 microsieverts per hour at a maximum permissible radiation level of 0.3 microsieverts.

Residents of the Moskvorechye-Saburovo district report that this is the seventh time in three days, but neither Radon nor the MES have taken any action, claiming that the sensor works in test mode and there are no actual spikes in radiation.

Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin acknowledged the presence of radioactive waste on the South-Eastern Chord route. The mayor`s office said that “in the case of the construction of the chord, the city faced a unique and…

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