CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEMS • Children’s Health Defense

CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEMS • Children’s Health Defense

“Our kids are coming to us with all kinds of emotional and physical issues that – up to this point – we have been unable to provide the assistance that was necessary.”

‘The actual physical condition of the kids is different than it was twenty years ago. We have more diabetic students. We have more kids with major allergies. We have kids with seizure disorders.

“In addition to physical medical concerns, there is also an increase in social and emotional issues.”

“Sometimes we focus a lot on the academics and the athletics in our school systems, but we really need to look at the physical and the mental condition of our kids, because it is difficult.”

via February 2020 • Children’s Health Defense

The article above goes more deeply into the root causes of a plague that is infecting schools, consisting of increasing numbers of students who are


have major health concerns

have mental health issues

have severe allergies

have autism or related


special needs