Bloomberg spending spree is dangerous for 2020 election and democracy

Bloomberg spending spree is dangerous for 2020 election and democracy

At that point, the former New York City mayor might have thought to himself, “You know what? The total cost of the 2016 presidential election — both parties’ primaries and all — was about $2.4 billion. America has already elected one New York “billionaire” with a long history of indulging in thinly veiled sexism, racism and authoritarianism, so why not another? And many — perhaps most! — Americans would do almost anything to get rid of Trump. What do I have to lose? Hell, it would cost me more in wealth taxes not to run.”

While Trump used his star power and shamelessness to execute a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, Bloomberg is purchasing Democrats’ affection, a practice he has long used to win over potential critics. And unlike Trump, who only put in a fifth of the money his campaign spent in 2016 and seems to be raking in cash at his businesses from his 2020 campaign, Bloomberg is taking no donations. Thus, he will never have to worry about being dependent or accountable to the party’s base or donors — or anyone really, as long as he can afford billion dollar ad buys and the best consultants in the business.

Can money buy forgiveness?

Democrats are being asked to trust a candidate who helped elect Republicans through 2018 and was one of the driving forces in the reelection of former Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of Flint Water Crisis fame. Why did Bloomberg back this charisma-free Michigan governor whose policies helped poison a city? Because Snyder “took on the unions.”

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