9 Tips On How To Escape Artificial Time

9 Tips On How To Escape Artificial Time

The current use of artificial time through the Gregorian calendar brings us further away from synchronizing ourselves to everything, from our own internal clocks, to Mother Nature and to the cosmos through harmonious time.

The Mayan calendar was based on the lunar cycle, the cycle of nature. When we went to a Gregorian calendar it completely took us out of the 13:20 (fourth-dimensional Law of Time) cycle and put us into an artificially fabricated and inharmonious 12:60 timing frequency.
Jose Arguelles best illustrates the difference between artificial time versus nature’s time:

“The essence of the discovery of the timing frequency is a simple one. The 12:60 refers to an unconsciously accepted order of time that is artificial in nature. Twelve refers to the codification of daily time into an irregular and arbitrary calendar of 12 months. Originated in Babylonia, the final historical form of the 12-month system was instituted in 1583 by the Vatican as the Gregorian calendar, which is now accepted as the standard in use world-wide. Sixty refers to the equally arbitrary division of the day into 24 (2 x 12) hours of 60 minutes each. The result of the 12:60 is the creation of a timing frequency whose mental field of consciousness is dominated by mechanization and a third-dimensional science of space-matter. Unconscious acceptance of this 12:60 timing frequency is the single most contributing factor to the problem of human alienation from nature.

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