$250,000 Awarded To Parents After Their Healthy Infant Is Killed By Vaccines

$250,000 Awarded To Parents After Their Healthy Infant Is Killed By Vaccines

Three and a half days after Alexander’s first set of vaccines he suffered a debilitating seizure that caused cardiorespiratory arrest and irreversible brain damage – with no possible treatment, or ability to survive. The outcome? An innocent and HEALTHY infant tragically died as a direct result of vaccination. Yet, his doctor denied that vaccines could possibly be the cause of seizures, brain damage and cardiorespiratory arrest – an all too common story told to parents by pediatricians who inject poisonous vaccines into babies for a living. The parents were emotionally crushed and heartbroken, which led them onto their quest for deeper answers. Through an independent autopsy, expert medical and legal testimonies, and years battling the infamous “Vaccine Injury Court” system, their case was proven true and they were awarded $250,000.

Since the corporate-owned media fail to provide any news coverage to raise public awareness of the slaughtering and maiming of our nation’s children by vaccination, heartbroken mothers like Jennifer Johnson has despairingly come forward to fill the gaping hole by telling her child’s story and calamitous loss here on this website. Hopefully other parents will learn the horrid truth about the dismal efficacy of vaccination and the common harshness of adverse reactions, so more informed decisions can be made.

Read Jennifer Johnson’s painful account of her 2-month-old’s tragedy and her experience battling in court in her own words:

“My son, Alexander, suffered a seizure and cardiac arrest on April 29, 2005, three and a half days after receiving his first set of vaccines. The vaccines he received were the DTaP, HiB and Hepatitis B combo (Comvax), inactivated polio, and Prevnar. He coded, but was revived and placed on life support, however, the damage to his brain was catastrophic. After 12 days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), and two independent determinations of brain death, we removed life support on May 11, 2005. He was only 12 weeks old. He was born on February 17, 2005 and was a healthy little boy. Despite that, he died as a result of seizure and encephalopathy that resulted from his two-month vaccinations on April 25, 2005.

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