Act, Think And Feel Your Future

The universe does not work in negatives, it responds to the essence of your focus. Children work very much in this way, as well. This explains why if you tell a toddler, “Don’t hit”, they will often turn around and hit. It is not that they are naughty or defiant, it is that they only heard the essence of the sentence, hit, and responded in kind. Asking the child to be gentle will have a much more desired effect for changing behaviour because the focus is on what core energy you wish for them to shift into.

This explains why you cannot create change from a negative focus. Making choices to avoid something that is unwanted is keeping you energetically attached to what is unwanted. Further, focusing on what is unwanted naturally creates resistance and constriction within your own energetics. You cannot create from a space of contraction, only through expansion.

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Thursday February 27, 2020