Taliban deal confirms Trump’s doctrine is betrayal

Taliban deal confirms Trump’s doctrine is betrayal

Journalist Stephen Hayes highlights some flaws with the Taliban deal, and I have written here about its other loopholes. The National Endowment for Democracy’s Khalid Majidyar points out perhaps its biggest one: Taliban chief negotiator Abbas Stanikzai says that the new agreement only stops the Taliban and U.S. forces from attacking each other, but that the Taliban can continue its fight against the elected Afghan government.

The Taliban agreement, which Pompeo now trumpets effectively follows the same model as last fall’s abandonment of the Syrian Kurds. The U.S. will pull back and leave its allies to their fate at the hands of aggressive, if not genocidal, regional forces.

The Taliban retains its Pakistani support. It remains committed to the violent overthrow of the elected Afghan governance and the imposition of an intolerant Islamist government that makes Saudi Arabia look liberal and approaches the cruelty and tyranny of the Islamic State. The same forces that now justify the betrayal of our Afghan allies try to whitewash the threats of resubjugating close to 17 million Afghan women and openly subordinate countering threats to U.S. security for the sake of a photo-op. Ending “endless wars” may seem like a compelling, populist slogan, but the agreement signed in Doha no more ends the Afghanistan War than President Trump’s flurry of tweets last autumn ended the Syrian conflict.

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