DDT, Government Create Dangers from Covid-19 | Nel’s New Day

DDT, Government Create Dangers from Covid-19 | Nel’s New Day

Almost two weeks ago, a top scientist from FDA was blocked from entering the CDC in Atlanta and made to wait overnight. Timothy Stenzel had been sent to the facility to help coordinate the stalled testing and was expected. Once admitted Stenzel found lab contamination which may have contributed to the delays and other problems.

Other delays:

  • The National Security Council’s global pandemic team was disbanded.
  • DDT minimizes the seriousness of covid-19 by lying about it.
  • CDC didn’t update testing guidelines beyond travel and contact with infected people.
  • For four days, CDC delayed testing a person with covid-19 because of narrow restrictions despite a doctor’s request.
  • The 80 percent cut to CDC funding for fighting global pandemics reduced the emergency response from 49 countries to ten.
  • DDT discontinued the program Predict monitoring the threat of animal-born diseases to humans which had discovered over 1,000 viruses.
  • The State Department forced the CDC to put 14 infected people with 300 other passengers on two different flights.
  • With no training or protective gear, HHS personnel were told to tend to quarantined people.
  • HHS planned to fly infected patients to a FEMA facility in Anniston (AL) that lacked medical capability to operate as a quarantine zone.
  • The newly created task force took time off on the second day to attend the Conservative Political Action Convention.
  • An infected patient was permitted to leave a San Diego hospital after a CDC test gave a negative result, rejoined the quarantined group flown to the U.S. from China for a day, and was then returned to the hospital.
  • CDC also refuses to explain the treatment for patients recovering from the virus so that it can be replicated.

In another serious concern, Chinese scientists report that covid-19 may have mutated after they found another strain of the virus. The more aggressive coronavirus accounted for 70 percent of analyzed strains, and the remainder were linked to a less aggressive type.

Pence’s anti-science bungling and DDT’s lies have cost time–and lives.

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