Is the DNC cheating? Again? – NationofChange

Is the DNC cheating? Again? – NationofChange

In the five primaries researched – Texas (-4.0%), Vermont (-6.3%), New Hampshire (-0.3%), South Carolina (-1.4%) and Massachusetts  (-3.8%)– Sanders’ computer vote counts were always significantly below the exit polls. Biden’s counts, on the other hand, always went up above the exit polls, except in New Hampshire.  The only candidate who went up in New Hampshire was Buttigieg.

Hopefully, the researchers will compute the results for other states, like California, Colorado, and Michigan.  But the present results are disturbing in and of themselves. Why should Sanders always go down while Biden almost always go up?  The results seriously affect the delegate count.

One might also point out that in the Super Tuesday vote, there were 14 states.  All of the results in which Biden won were fully reported within days of the election.  But in the three in which Sanders won – California, Utah, and Colorado – the final results were still unreported over a week later.  This made it appear that Sanders was further behind than actually true by the time Super Tuesday II rolled around. That probably encouraged voters to choose Biden as the leading candidate.

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