America’s Wages of Sin – Astute News

America’s Wages of Sin – Astute News

Trump is but a continuation of an ongoing class war against American workers whereby wealth has been massively redistributed to corporate bosses and stock market vehicles which benefit the top 1 per cent in society. For this upper stratum, profits and dividends have never been so lucrative. And to be sure “their” economy looks superfine and dandy.

For the majority though, a very different perspective prevails. After years of chronic impoverishment through stagnating wages and crumby employment conditions, workers in the US are more vulnerable than ever to economic calamity, be that from a disease epidemic or property-market crash.

This is why America’s wages of sin are inviting a coronavirus epidemic from hell. The relatively low rates of infection so far for a population of 327 million belie a catastrophic latency for the disease because so many workers are necessarily in denial about the illness and its risks.

Trump and Congress have ordered emergency funding of around $8 billion to counter the epidemic. But the problem is one of endemic social conditions of massive inequality, poverty, derelict workers’ rights and a healthcare system driven by commercial profit. That militates against the very rapid response that is required to contain the disease.

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