How to treat Coronavirus infection COVID-19

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

How to treat Coronavirus infection COVID-19

Interview with the member of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Chuchalin

Translated by Scott Humor


If a situation with the CAVID-19 coronavirus infection follows the same scenario as the SARS epidemic, then by April- May the problem will be less acute. In his interview to the RT the academic Alexander Chuchalin, the Head of Department of Hospital therapy of the Russian National Research Medical Pirogov University. In his opinion, the Russian healthcare system has done its best to protect the country from coronavirus. The doctor also says that, contrary to popular belief, infection with CAVID-19 can be accompanied by a runny nose.

Q: Not only are you one of the best pulmonologists in Europe, you are also in the main risk group now for coronavirus. Could you, please, give some recommendations for people of your generation and those who are younger, those who, as we see, are really…

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