Trump on Containing Coronavirus: Mission Accomplished!

Trump on Containing Coronavirus: Mission Accomplished!

“This came unexpectedly, it came out of China, we closed it down, we stopped it, it was a very early shut down,” he told reporters this morning. Trump’s chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, declared on CNBC, “I would still argue to you that this thing is contained.”

It is definitely not contained. “Contained” means there are a known, finite number of cases, and each one is being confined to a location where it cannot spread. Neither of these conditions is true. Authorities have no idea how many cases there are, due to haphazard testing, but new ones are appearing all over the country, and almost none of them are contained, but instead have been circulating.

One might be curious why Kudlow has had such a prominent role messaging this issue. He has no expertise in epidemiology. Indeed, he has no expertise in economics, either. What he does have an expertise in is confidently issuing confident predictions on behalf of Republican politicians that may be, and usually are, completely wrong.

via NYmag Trump on Containing Coronavirus: Mission Accomplished!

Trump hires only the very BEST! MAGA will come, via the Coronavirus..