Biden’s Racism Is More Veiled Than Trump’s — But No Less Real

hen it comes to race, Joe Biden’s record and rhetoric reflect the broader hypocrisy of U.S. politics. While Biden rightly criticizes Donald Trump’s racism, he then praises himself for his own ability to work with overt white supremacist Dixiecrat Democrats in the 1970s. It’s important to recognize the problematic nature of Biden’s history of working with Southern Democratic racist senators. We must acknowledge the more subtle forms of racism at work in the Democratic Party even as an overt racist sits in the Oval Office.

This is what has directly led us to this point, where voters see a moderately racist centrist candidate as more acceptable than a democratic socialist, in order to remove the overt old-school white supremacist from office. The trust given to Joe Biden by the Black constituency is a direct result of spill-over “affection” from the Obama presidency (even though the former president has not endorsed Biden). This has allowed Biden to keep the fidelity of the Black vote, as he praises his ability to work with white supremacists of the past. The fate of this primary is not sealed, but Biden is currently the front-runner.

The mainstream Democratic Party has perfected the art of subtle — or at least subtler-than-Trump — racism. We must ask ourselves: How will we challenge the president’s racist actions, even if a Democrat is elected?

via Truthout Biden’s Racism Is More Veiled Than Trump’s — But No Less Real