Could COVID-19 Be Amazon’s kryptonite? – Big Think

Could COVID-19 Be Amazon’s kryptonite? – Big Think

It would be ironic if Amazon’s fall were to come about due to the failure of its third-party sellers, given that Amazon has received so much criticism for pushing smaller retailers and brands out of business. Yet it remains a possibility.

Over 50% of Amazon sales are made through third-party sellers, and they are the foundation of Amazon’s meteoric growth in the last few years. However, Amazon has been slowly selling them out, and COVID-19 could finally push them under.

For many vendors, Amazon is their only point of contact with customers, but now Amazon is turning away shipments of “non-essentials” to FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) warehouses, in order to support smooth flow of “essentials.” This decision has affected approximately 53% of Amazon sellers, preventing them from shipping products to their customers.

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Got fascism, within predatory capitalism?

Amazon is virulently anti union and fires anyone who dares to mention the word union.

Workers get zero benefits, no sick leave, but are exposed to the CV. Many workers have gotten sick. Amazon admits it is a brutal place to work, and many workers can last only a few months.

The supply chain is being disrupted.

Amazon is lucky to get stuff to people within a MONTH now, which means it is failing to meet it’s primary reason for being, which is 1 day delivery.

As truckers get resistance from cities and states locking down, and they are getting sick too, that disrupts things more.

People are waking up to the darkness that is Amazon, and they are switching to local sellers, suppliers and local farmers.

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