99% of U.S. Farmed Animals Live on Factory Farms

99% of U.S. Farmed Animals Live on Factory Farms

According to a new analysis conducted by animal rights think tank Sentience Institute, around 99% of US farmed animals live on factory farms.

The new analysis uses data from the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture, which was released on April 11, 2019. The most recent previous data available was for 2012, which showed around 98.66% of U.S. farmed animals lived on factory farms compared to the current figure of 98.74%. The analysis uses EPA regulations for what constitutes a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in combination with the USDA data on how many animals live on farms of various sizes.

“Most people are woefully wrong about where their meat comes from. 75% of US adults believe they usually buy humane products, yet only 1% of food animals live on non-factory farms,” said Sentience Institute’s Executive Director Kelly Witwicki in reference to a 2017 poll conducted by the group in collaboration with Ipsos Group.

A global analysis conducted by Sentience Institute suggests over 90% of farmed animals worldwide live on factory farms.

Medium-large factory farms, or CAFOs, in the U.S. generally consists of 1,000 beef cattle, 700 dairy cows, 2,500 pigs, 55,000 turkeys, 30,000 egg-laying hens, or 125,000 broiler chickens.

via sentientmedia. 99% of U.S. Farmed Animals Live on Factory Farms