Global Consciousness and the Coronavirus Crisis – IONS

Global Consciousness and the Coronavirus Crisis – IONS

The results for March 11-13, 16, and 17 showed strong departures on four days, one upward and three downward. The fifth case showed typical random variation. This is an informal assessment, but it seems meaningful that four of the five samples show strong departures from expectation. What this means is that the network was not producing normal random data during this time. The first figure below shows the data from March 17. The odds against chance for such a departure are about 50 to 1.

I assessed one other event related to the Coronavirus crisis, but in a different way as it was a single, sharply focused event. Pope Francis made a special Urbi et Orbi, on Friday, March 27th at 6:00 pm, praying for relief from the suffering brought by the Coronavirus so tragically affecting Italy and the rest of the world. I extracted and processed the corresponding data (two hours beginning at 18:00 CET). The figure shows a positive departure from what we would expect which supports GCP’s hypothesis.

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