The ‘Coronavirus’ Worm Has Turned: It Is Now Time To Face the Truth – LewRockwell

The ‘Coronavirus’ Worm Has Turned: It Is Now Time To Face the Truth – LewRockwell

Since the average person, and frankly most all others as well, ignore the workings of the Federal Reserve, it is time to expose what is actually going on with this criminal and scandalous private central banking system, and how this false flag called the Covid-19 pandemic is being used by the Fed to achieve agendas that will change the economic structure of this country and others forever. This is no accident, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with coronavirus, but that excuse is the impetus for restructuring the entire monetary system. A statement issued by the Federal Reserve through the Federal Open Market Committee on March 15th of this year stated that due to the coronavirus outbreak:

“The Federal Reserve is prepared to use its full range of tools to support the flow of credit to households and businesses and thereby promote its maximum employment and price stability goals.”

This surpasses propaganda, and is an outright lie with very sinister intent, as the Federal Reserve fully understands that increasing its balance sheet reserves has absolutely nothing to do with helping average people, households, or businesses in this country. Those reserves are not bank money, and cannot and will not ever be distributed to common people. In fact, all bank reserve requirements have been eliminated, so no reserves are now even necessary for banks to make loans. The entire process is a fraud, and is only meant to prop up the Fed so as to bail out its allies in crime in banking and corporate America, not those families being purposely destroyed due to a lie.

The U.S. economy has continued to worsen since the 2008 housing disaster and banking implosion, and has continued on its way to an imminent collapse. The Fed claims to be printing massive amounts of money and increasing its reserves due only to this coronavirus scare, but that is ludicrous and is also a flagrant lie. In September of last year, well before the so-called coronavirus pandemic was known, the Fed was in a dire position, and began dramatically increasing its balance sheet reserves and daily repurchase agreement (REPOs) “loans” to the banking sector, this in advance of any virus, not due to it. Massive Fed and banking problems began many years ago, and have worsened continuously, causing this economy to be on the edge of total failure. This has been known for a long time, so given the obvious lies, it is prudent to ask if this coronavirus was created as a cover for a failed economy. In my opinion, that is not only possible but also probable.

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