Anti-nuclear campaigners routinely harassed and surveilled at Bure, the site of the resistance to Geological Disposal in France

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From Reporterre (translated by Google)

“In June 2019, the Human Rights League was worried about“Harassment” against opponents of the project, reinforced by the practice of countless identity checks on the roads near the Andra laboratory, numerous vehicle searches, as well as seen by gendarmes at any point.According to M e Matteo Bonaglia, one of the lawyers for the examination, “we observe an almost colonial network of territory, a diversion of judicial tools for the purpose of surveillance and obstruction of opponents of the project landfill of nuclear waste. It became almost impossible to fight and express opinions on the spot without being caught in the mesh of this net ” . 

ALL THE INFOHome> Editorial> Survey>1/3 – Justice has massively monitored them. anti-nuclear activists from Bure Reading time: 28 minutes April 27, 2020 / Marie Barbier (Reporterre) and Jade Lindgaard(Mediapart)

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Dozens of people tapped,a thousand retranscribed discussions, more…

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