What Are the Side Effects of Remdisivir? | Heavy.com

What Are the Side Effects of Remdisivir? | Heavy.com

According to Gilead, the adverse reactions people had to remdesivir in the latest study were nausea, acute respiratory failure, and elevated liver enzymes. They said while overall the drug was well tolerated, over 10% of patients had one of these adverse reactions. It is not clear in the press release whether the acute respiratory failure was related to having COVID-19 or if they think the drug itself caused that issue.

RxList reported that during trials of remdesivir to treat Ebola they found that it increases liver enzymes which could potentially cause liver damage, and at least three COVID-19 patients involved in clinical trials experienced elevated liver enzyme levels. Another possible side effect is vomiting, which RxList says is a typical side effect of antiviral drugs.

According to BioSpace, though, serious side effects from remdesivir affect a quarter of patients negatively. They report, “About 25% of patients receiving it have severe side effects, including multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury, and low blood pressure. Another 23% demonstrated evidence of liver damage on lab tests.”

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