France Mortality-Excess Mortality 2014-2020

Do you think there is any link to France hosting a high concentration of nuclear plants, with associated radioactive heavy metal poison emissions?

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Gray is observed weekly mortality; Red is expected mortality. (Click on image or zoom in to enlarge).

Excerpt translated from a Sante Publique France document:

Mortality from All Causes

The analysis of all-cause mortality is based on civil status data from approximately 3,000 French municipalities, registering 77% of national mortality. These data do not permit us to know the medical causes of death.

From week 12 to 16 (from March 16 to April 19), all-cause mortality at the national level was significantly higher than the mortality expected over this period. A peak in the observed number of deaths was reached in week 14, with a decrease in the mortality observed from week 15, even if the excess remained very marked (Figure 19).

At the national level, excess mortality was estimated at + 17% in week 12, + 36% in week 13, + 62% in week 14 and + 51% in…

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  1. Thanks for the reblogs. Surely part of the puzzle but not a perfect fit for the nuclear map. Perhaps what you say about heavy metals is key, as that covers uranium, as well as other heavy metals. We also need to see what the death rate is on the German side of the Rhine. Belgium is very bad. Radiation induced cancers shorten life, on average, by around 12 to 13 years, meaning at around 65 years old. The majority dying of Covid-19 in France are above that, though they may have been meant to live older than average. We would need to see if there are fewer people above 65, too, in certain French regions. If they are already dead, then they can’t die of Covid. I suspect age and health related triage, i.e. refusal to give medical care, as reported in Italy and even Sweden. Lombardy (Italy) has an 18% death rate from Covid-19 but no operating reactor. They also have bio research labs. But, they were reportedly refusing to treat those above 60 years old. There has reportedly been illegal dumping of nuclear waste in northern Italy, too. Lombardy has an abandonned uranium mine. There are few cases and few deaths in East Germany, despite the very senior population, and major uranium mining. However, they were doing serious remediation of the mine. In St. Gallen, Switzerland, there is a tritium-nuclear isotopes facility, and, yet, they and nearby Appenzell have very few cases per capita. Of course, there is getting the disease and then dying. Germany was having med students check on seniors. So, if their low Covid death rate remains, which I doubt, that may play a role. There may be a combination of petrochemical facilities and nuclear facilities leading to the higher death rates from Covid-19 in the Rhineland and Paris. There are abandonned uranium mines in the Rhineland, too, as well as lots of coal mining (Saarland), etc. A lot spread from a protestant conference in Mulhouse, which is the site of a tri-country airport. Someone has said that France closed more of its small community hospitals, whereas Germany kept theirs open. France has had to send cases in the east to Europe and Paris cases elsewhere in France. If there were any perfect fit then I would be saying it. I have obsessed over Covid stats for a couple of months, now. Even the age maps don’t fit, because the average age in East Germany is older than Italy. There are hotspots in the petrochemical corridor in Louisiana. The corridor also has a nuclear power station. The Navajo is one thing to watch, as they have lots of unremediated uranium mines. Also, the Lakota Sioux. It’s very hard even to find good stats (and time-consuming to download them) and the final stats will be a long time coming, if ever. Some think that many died in their homes in France, and the numbers of dead much higher. I think that this is being used to kill retirees and keep social security, among other things (possible US election cancellation in November). Nuclear didn’t kill quickly enough. Also, pharma patents only last 20 years, and so they need a new disease every 20 years. For this reason, we need to increase length of patents in exchange for price reduction. Copyright is too long and patents too short. The US did almost 20 years research for a SARS vaccine so may already have a vaccine that they are holding back for an October surprise. This is as short as I could be, even after reflecting for 24 hours.

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