How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health – Dr Mercola

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health – Dr Mercola

Bill Gates intends to vaccinate the global population against COVID-19, and then track and monitor each one through digital surveillance

There’s no reason in the world to believe this gigantic global disease surveillance system would be dismantled once the pandemic is declared over. Naturally, it will simply transition into other surveillance functions
There’s also every reason to believe this disease tracking system will be combined with a digital identification and economic system to enforce compliance

The Corbett Report reviews how Gates ended up in a position to monopolize global health, despite his lack of medical education, and lays out Gates’ global vaccination plan

Gates philanthropy is highly profitable, as he invests in the very companies and industries he donates money to. Despite giving away billions of dollars, Gates “Decade of Vaccines” has doubled his worth from $54 billion to $103.1 billion

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