Parents Right to INFORMED CONSENT | Dr. Paul Thomas MD Senate Testimony On Vaccine Safety – YouTube


Right before testifying I was given a 3 minute limit and mispoke. I actually have about 500 new babies per year “not per month”. To clarify, Hepatitis B Vaccine should only be given to infants of moms who have Hepatitis B.

Informed consent is vital for any medical procedure, including vaccines. Oregon Senate bill 442 will remove the philosophical & religious medical exception options that parents currently have. Dr. Paul testifies for medical freedom.

He shares facts on Aluminum toxicity, the MMR vaccine, autism, developmental delays, & immune disorders associated with vaccines to the Oregon senate committee on health.

SB442-3 must be defeated or Oregon will be placed in a state of emergency as the result of a single case of measles.

Parents Right to VACCINE INFORMED CONSENT | Dr. Paul’s Senate Testimony – YouTube