Grounded in God – Michael Wajda

What does it mean to be spiritually grounded? To me, being grounded is feeling, knowing, and living through the guidance of the Living Stream. It is seeing with the contemplative mind. When I’m grounded, I am less concerned with me. I am alive in a fuller way because I see beyond judgment. Instead of right and wrong, I see right and right. I see God’s love underneath all activity.

Patience is a large part of being grounded. To be grounded, I must wait and know that it is the Living Stream that’s in charge and not my own will. The skill of letting go is a fundamental practice that we are taught early regarding meeting for worship. Many of my early Quaker teachers advised me to just let the thoughts go. The goal is to find the deeper place, where the veil falls away and I see differently. This is a contemplative practice: one at which we become better skilled the longer and more frequently we practice it.

The Living Spirit touches us frequently, and yet we stop short of allowing it to carry us more completely into the spiritual realm. Why, when it feeds us so well, are we reluctant to let go and to trust more fully? For me, I know there is fear and worry about my adequacy. I’m afraid of what the Living Presence will ask me to give up. I question the strength of my commitment and my ability to keep my ego out of the way. Even with all the incredible experiences that I have had of the Living Spirit’s profound wisdom, guidance, and love, I hold back. I pause

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