No Warming, No War

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A final thought about the military these days is the U.S. army is the largest producer of greenhouse gases. And our military actions for years have been to protect oil fields. An objective for those who work for peace is to transition to renewable energy sources as quickly as possible. No one will be going to war for the sun and wind.

Memorial Day and Peace, Jeff Kisling, 5/25/2020

That was how I concluded my blog post earlier on this Memorial Day. Which reminded me of a Facebook group I had created, No War No Warming US, in December, 2015, that I haven’t added much to since.

Could this be an idea whose time has come? As it says below, “in the face of both COVID-19 and the climate crisis, we urgently need to shift from a culture of war to a culture of care.”

In a strange twist…

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