What aren’t they telling us about COVID-19? – Quora

While I’ve mainly held patient-facing jobs within hospitals in the cancer and diagnostic imaging sector, my most recent position entailed coordinating and managing patient files in utilization management to ensure nurses have all of the information needed to thoroughly review a patient’s stay and approve or deny a claim, while minimizing the chance of re-admission. Basically, we ensure the patients get the best care possible the first time around. I was also on the inpatient side. I worked with 9 nurses at my company, and we are part of a larger medical affairs group. Very few COVID-19 cases crossed my desk. Less than 4. People are being laid off, including my former coworkers.

While I do not know what will happen in the next two weeks or if there will be a surge, I do know what is happening now and within most major hospitals in Houston: they are like ghost towns…

I simply ask that people inform themselves. When media in Houston reports storylines with, “Nurses say it is like a warzone,” what they aren’t telling Houstonians is that the critical care unit might be only a fifth of the hospital and the other areas are extremely slow. The warzone may be only a portion of the hospital which is set up to treat critical care.

I want to be clear that I am not stating COVID-19 is a conspiracy or that we are being forced to stay at home by a deep state agenda. I am simply saying, in Houston, as of March 31, 2020, hospitals are not busting at the seams and bodies are not piling up, but hours are being cut and many people, including nurses, are being laid off. The fear being spread by certain media outlets is unacceptable, and it is our responsibility as citizens to ensure we are getting unbiased information. Scare tactics sell stories, but they are being sold at the expense of many people’s mental well-being by inducing unecessary panic. An ommission of important facts is still a lie. Bottom line, Houston hospitals are slow right now.

What aren’t they telling us about COVID-19? – Quora