100,000 Petition Signatures Needed: Demand Congress pass a Universal Vote-by-Mail Option

All Americans need to be able to cast their votes in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak without putting their health at risk.

In addition to providing the funds necessary to have safe in-person voting, we’re calling on Congress to implement a no-excuse, Universal Vote-by-Mail option by the November general election.

Our democracy can’t stop functioning, even in times of crisis. People should not be forced to decide between their health and their vote. There is precious little time to act, but if Congress can listen to our grassroots cry, we can protect the vote and keep people safe.

During the Wisconsin Primary, voters were forced to choose between following guidance from health officials to stay home and avoid large gatherings or exercising their sacred right to vote. The result was chaos and unworthy of our Democracy.

In these troubling and unprecedented times, our leaders must put partisan politics aside to uphold the Constitution and protect our democracy. We need to pass a Universal Vote-by-Mail Option and ensure that in-person voting is safe, sanitary, and secure. And we need it fast.

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