It’s Bigger Than Buildings. America Is Burning | Common Dreams Views

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Donald Trump threatened. He meant it.

George Floyd was killed and no one was arrested. And they want me to care about that burning building with not one officer in it. You can rebuild a station. There is no resurrection for the dead Black bodies.

George Floyd’s killing was on camera. We only cared because we saw him beg for his life and cry for his mama as Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. He knelt on his neck, while having a record as a police officer littered with nearly 20 complaints, with the conviction of someone determined to put Floyd in his place, beneath him.

And no one arrested that man. That precinct represented his house. It’s gone now. Everyone says it’s a rare sight. I wish dead Black bodies were the shocker. Now, Trump is saying the National Guard will “get the job done right.” All I can think about is whether Black people will be safe?

In 2018, Philadelphia Eagles fans tore up their city, looting, flipping cars, and starting fires after a Super Bowl win. Trump didn’t threaten them.

Guns instead of grace is an attitude reserved for Black folk.

It’s Bigger Than Buildings. America Is Burning | Common Dreams Views